Restaurant Review: Bait, Hull

I’ve been on a date! (Squeals).

But never mind about me, I want to talk about where we went, which was simply lovely!

Bait Fish and Grill Restaurant is situated at the Spring Bank end of Princes Avenue. Its right next to a pretty busy junction, so location isn’t exactly great, but you can totally forget about that once you’re in there. We went on Wednesday night; when we got there, there were two other tables taken, and by the time we were finished our starters, we were the only ones there. Again, this doesn’t bother me at all; I work in the catering industry at the moment, I get that on some week-nights it can be quiet! It didn’t deter from our evening at all. At no point did we feel rushed or awkward. It was quiet, yeah, but the place still had a really nice feel about it. The décor can’t seem to decide if it’s rustic or clean cut, but I really like that. I’m indecisive too.

Being indecisive didn’t help me much when it came to ordering. The a la carte menu boasts a good spread, with lots of different fish and meat dishes. Neither of us are vegetarians, but I spotted few dishes, if that’s what you’re after. Eventually, I decided to get two courses from the specials menu – king prawns and chorizo, followed by sea bream served with wilted greens, scallops and bacon jam. My date went for the Thai fishcakes (which I think were a special too) and the belly pork with tiger prawns from the a la carte menu. My date has recently decided that he’s quite the wine-drinker, so we got the wine list and got a bottle of red. I’ve already forgotten what it’s called, but it’s Italian, and was number 18 on the wine list! Ha! I know, I know, white wine goes best with fish, but we both agreed it suited what we ordered. Mr wine-expert said of the wine “a delicate Italian wine from the Abruzzo region in Italy, with smooth tannins, and is a solid accompaniment to a variety of meats”. Me, I thought it was a really nice red, so smooth! I’ll leave the wine reviews to him.

I really enjoyed my starter; it had just the right kick to it from some chillies. I guess my date must’ve liked his too – empty plates (well, they were both served on little boards) all round! Our main courses were so good. The sea bream was melt in the mouth! Two big fillets of fish, it was no wonder I didn’t get through it all. Bacon jam was an interesting concept, and we disagreed on it a bit; I wasn’t so keen, but my date really liked it and said it went so well with the fish. I’m not a fussy eater by any means, but if I’m not a fan of something’s texture, I question it a bit! Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it.


We were offered the pudding menu, and after some umm-ing, ahh-ing and “but I don’t want a big pudding!”, we shared the chilli chocolate brownie. Now, I knew I was going to love this; I think chocolate with chilli is a cracking idea. I knew my date was going to like it because he’d been hankering after a chocolate brownie for days, and made the pudding decision for us. Thankfully for our full tums, the brownie was just the right size for us. Some spoonfuls had “stirrings of chilli” and some had a little more or a little less. We both thought it was really yummy! Empty plate – again!

Overall, we had a really good night. The bill came to just under £70, which I think is really reasonable for the amount we had. The waitress who served our starters and the waiter who subsequently served us for the rest of the night were lovely. We had a nice time chatting to our waiter, who was sure to ask what we thought of our meals and the quirky parts of our dishes (like the bacon jam!).

I’d definitely love to go back! Thanks for a great night, Bait!

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