Muse LIVE at the Manchester Arena

What glorious things can I say about Muse that haven’t been said already?

This was my second time seeing the band, and it couldn’t have been more different than the first time I saw them.

The first time was in 2012, on their 2nd Law Tour. Again, in Manchester, but at the Etihad Stadium, as opposed to the smaller and more intimate Manchester Arena (formerly the M.E.N. Arena).

The entire thing felt more intimate this time around. Only one support act; Nothing But Thieves. They definitely fancied themselves as a mini-Muse, especially the lead singer, who clearly took influence from Matt Bellamy’s vocals. They were alright as support acts go. A bit samey in their set list selection, and they didn’t really get the crowd going like a good support act should. Here’s a pictures of them in action, and excuse the quality, I only had my iPhone with me and I was there to enjoy the concert, not watch it all through a phone (pet peeve):


To note – last time I saw Muse, Bastille and Dizzee Rascal were their supports – hence why I feel like this time was less of an occasion, and the smaller setting, etc, etc.

Anyway, to Muse! I’ll try not to include too many spoilers, as I know some people (who may or may not read this) who are going to see them soon.

The opening was great – we were given a taste of the sound and lights show that we were in store for. The real winner in the opening, and throughout the whole night actually, was the stage. The stage design means that there is literally no “bad” seat at these gigs. It’s very 360°; in its design and the way it all moves and fits together.

I liked the song choices. Sometimes bands make their set lists too much about their albums, which usually results in a crap atmosphere, because you can guarantee that half the crowd haven’t actually bought the album (which is definitely not an excuse for anyone going to see the Drones tour, because Muse gave away a copy or download of their album with every ticket sold). On the other extreme, some set lists are too “greatest hits”, and if you go to see that band or artist more than once, then you’re going to see the same concert over and over.

Muse definitely struck a good balance between the two. While they did play old favourites, their whole concert was based on the new album and Drones as a theme. They adapted older songs accordingly, so that it all fitted together.

Muse are all about the music and the setting, so there isn’t much “banter” at their concerts. Everyone is so into the music that that doesn’t matter. At Muse gigs, we want to see Matt Bellamy play every guitar ever. We want Dom to show us how much of a God he is on the biggest drum set ever. We all await Chris playing the harmonica for the opening of Knights of Cydonia. It’s literally all about the music. I love it.


Finally, for your entertainment and mine, here was me, on that night, making a fool of myself on snapchat:


I hope you enjoyed this little review. Thanks for reading!

Concert on 8th April 2016, at the Manchester Arena. Muse’s Drones European Tour runs until 19th August 2016, and they headline Glastonbury 22nd-26th June 2016.

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