Saving a life

Slightly misleading title…more like, if everyone learned this one little thing, you might know how to save a life, should you ever find yourself having to.

Allergies are so common nowadays. Think about all your family and friends, and I bet one of them has an allergy. Nuts, hay fever, penicillin. I once knew a girl who was allergic to yellow food colouring!

Most people with allergies carry EpiPens. These are adrenaline shots; so if you have an anaphylactic reaction, you or someone you’re with, has to essentially stab your leg with your EpiPen, and ring an ambulance ASAP.

Anaphylaxis is when parts of your body, usually around your face (my lips go) swell and puff up, your throat starts to close up, your breathing goes all over the place, and you start to panic. Uncontrollably.

If you know these symptoms, then you know when its the right time to tell your friend/family/colleague/whoever, to take their EpiPen.

Using the EpiPen is actually really simply. There’s a little cap that you take off one end of it, and then you or someone else firmly punches the EpiPen into the side of your leg. If you’re having severe anaphylaxis, you need this shot as quickly as possible, so ain’t nobody got time to be getting your clothes off and this needle can get through jeans. Punch the pen in, and hold it down there for 10 seconds. Get someone else to ring 999/911 – whatever the ambulance number in your country is.

Obviously I’m not blogging this for nothing. I had a reaction last night and all of the above happened to me. Except, I’m an idiot, and I’d left my EpiPens in my flat, and I had a reaction at my boyfriend’s house. Lesson learned. My best friend pretty much saved my life last night. Now, to find another little handbag that fits them in, so I can constantly have them. Yay, forever finding an excuse to go shopping!

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