A little task for you

I don’t do this very often, but after a busy day at work and a dinner out tonight, something hit me like a ton of bricks, and I’ve been struggling through the rest of this evening.


My Grandma on my Dad’s side, my Nanny, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer 5 years ago today.

She passed away in March 2012.

I always remember the anniversary of losing my Nan, but this particular anniversary, I’ve managed to not affect me too much.

Maybe its hit me this year because 5 years is such a long time? I reminisced in August about how much I’ve changed in the past 5 years. The vast majority of which I’ve had to go through without my Nan, who meant and will always mean the world to me.

Grief never goes away. This is a pain I have made peace with, but will have for the rest of my life. Sometimes, like tonight, it will shock me. I didn’t go into today thinking “right, at work for 8:30, finish by 5:30, dinner till 7:00, remember that this awful thing that totally crushed you happened 5 years ago today”. Thanks TimeHop… not.

My task is for anyone reading this, whether you’ve experienced grief or not. Ring your loved ones. Text them. Let them know you are thinking about them. Let them know you love them. My greatest peace with losing my Nan was that I was able to build up such a strong bond with her before it was too late. I rang her every week and we’d talk for hours. Go do the same.


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