A new room and a new announcement!

I’ve moved house!

My lovely best friend has bought a house and we moved in two weeks ago. We’ve got some work to do, but we’re already settling in really nicely. This is the first time I’ve had a bedroom to myself for over a year (I know. I KNOW.) so I thought I’d show it off!


I am not a fan of these blinds (at all) so to liven up my window a little bit, I’ve popped up these wicker fairy lights. They were from Primark a couple of years ago, so I doubt they’re still on sale – but do check out Primark’s home section for cheap fairy lights, I think they do some nice ones.


My room has a little desk in, which won’t be staying there forever, but until then, I’ve made it into a little dressing table. I’m still using the make-up bag I talked about way back in this post. The little basket tucked away – again, I’ve had this for years, and have a bigger version too. I think they were from Tesco, I’ve no idea.

My Mum gets me a calendar every year for Christmas, which I’ve pinned up on a cork board that was left by the previous house owners. The mirror was also left by them. I’m going to buy a pretty wall one for the day I get this desk out.

I’m LOVING candles at the moment. I’m actually a bit obsessed. Currently in my room I’m using “Black Cherry” by Yankee Candle. More on that later!


I have a huge amount of photos that I love to display everywhere, but while we’re still settling, I can’t put them all up! This is a cosy corner I have in my room, and so I’ve popped up a photo of two of my best friends, and a photo of my late grandparents. I got the blue candle holder for my birthday from my housemate – it’s from notonthehighstreet.


I actually bought this double bed! Eek! Buying that was easily the most adult I’ve ever felt. It was from Dreams and it’s a double divan bed. I haven’t decided yet if I want a headboard; that’s something I can think about in the future.

I am so in love with this bedding! Jen and I had a giggle and said it looks like a migraine feels. But, my room is so white – white walls, white wardrobes, white curtains – that it needs this pop of colour. It’s from Dunelm; I got a dark purple fitted sheet, a white divan cover sheet, the duvet set with two pillows, and two extra under pillow sheets. I bought the blanket today, it’s from Next, and it’s so lush.

Mickey and Minnie were from Disneyworld… I’m just saying.

Drum roll please… Announcement here!

So back to the candles, this brings me to announce that I will be doing Blogmas this year! I’ve got quite a few ideas (I will be doing a big post about candles! Or maybe two posts. I have so many) but if anyone has any other suggestions, I’d appreciate it!

As always, thanks for reading!

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