Specs and Cupcakes!


Day 1 of Blogmas

So, one week ago today, I attended a blogger event at Eyesite Opticians in Cottingham, near Hull in East Yorkshire. There was prosecco, cupcakes, canapés and some pretty neat giveaways (if you knew who to ask – Alastair!).

As a speccy-four-eyes myself, I was loving trying on all the different styles, colours, shapes and designers. I totally fell in love with some dark blue Dior glasses – if only the price tag suited my pre-payday purse.

Pastels are big in fashion anyway, so it was hardly a surprise to find loads of pastel coloured frames around the shop. Chloé in particular had so many different shades. I tried a few on, but I’m not sure a lot of them matched my skin tone, and if I found a colour I liked, I didn’t like the shape…and so on.

I’ve still got my fingers crossed for the raffle for a pair of designer sunglasses (a week later…still hoping!) but I loved this event, meeting all the other Hull Bloggers for the first time – huge thanks to my girl Charley for giving me the confidence nudge to sign up and come along!

Thanks for having me Eyesite, I’ll see you in February for my test, and hopefully those Dior specs…!

You can follow Eyesite here and here and find out more about them here

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