Getting ready for the Christmas Parties

Day 3 of Blogmas

I’m not really one of those girls who likes to spend hours getting ready for parties. I find the longer I give myself, the longer I’m actually giving myself to make a make-up mistake,  or smudge nail varnish, all those kinds of issues you do not want to face when you’ve got to leave the house in 20 minutes!

I’ve got a party tonight with a lot of old friends, and some people I don’t know as well. I thought I’d share some of my tricks for my getting ready routine. How many of these do you have too?

First off – face. I use mostly the same products that I do every day as a base, then build upon this (you can read all about what’s in my make-up bag here).

Eyebrows are in right now, and gimme brow is my go to. Always apply after powder…you do not want to see what happens the other way round!

My housemate and I love the Tanya Burr Peachy Glow palette. I am one of those girls who really doesn’t need a lot of blusher, so I don’t use this one, and I like Hoola better than the bronzer in the palette, but the highlighter is great. I don’t wear highlighter every day; I like the shimmer for a night out.

I haven’t really decided which eyeshadow palette I want to use tonight out of the Rock Nudes and the Blushed Nudes. My dress is all black, and quite long, so I can’t have my eyes too dark. I like the colours in these palettes, but they’re incredibly powdery. It’s actually quite difficult to apply, as with the wrong brush, the powder can literally go everywhere, and before you know it, you’ve got brown eyeshadow where your highlighter was.

Marc Jacobs perfumes are one of the loves of my life, and Daisy Dream is such a pretty fragrance. I think tonight I’ll top off my party look with this Tanya Burr Candy Cane lip gloss that we got from Day 1 of her 12 Days of Christmas Calendar.

Black isn’t really my favourite colour to wear to a party, but when I saw this French Connection dress in the ASOS sale, I had to have it. £75 down to £20! These shoes are from Office and were also in the sale a few weeks ago. I hate high heels, I can never wear them in, so wedges are always a good choice for me.

Happy Christmas partying everyone!

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