Advice: who do I write cards to?!

Day 4 of Blogmas

Every year, I have a faff about who to give Christmas cards to. Every year I go shopping and panic about how many to buy. I then need to figure out stamps and addresses, or work out the actual times I can actually give cards out!

Never fear though. As a proper grown up *chortles*; I feel I am now in a position to offer some kind of advice on this.

When I was at School, it was a case of everyone and anyone – including most of the 60+ girls in my boarding house, most of the 70+ kids in my year, a pretty big number of friends I had across other years, teachers and pastoral staff.

I’m not saying don’t do this, but, well, it got so expensive! I even used to buy loads of the cheapest packs of cards, and it still seemed to cost far more than I needed to spend. Plus you then have the added awkward moment of “ah, they haven’t got me a card back”.

Card Rule Number 1: Budget

This year, rather than buy cards for the number of people, I’ve changed and bought a large number of cards, that I will then assign to people. This gives me a budget from the start.

Card Rule Number 2: Lists

Now I’m older, I’ve figured out that all my card-people fall into one of three categories. And yes, these are in an order!:

  • Family
  • Friends – which is split into two subsections:
    • Far away friends (post)
    • Nearby friends (SOS – Save On a Stamp)
  • Work colleagues

So what I’ve done is written down the numbers 1-40 (to match my number of cards) and then, starting with family and moving down the list to work colleagues, I wrote down all the names I could think of at the time. I then popped my list away, and came back to it the next day, and added any names that I thought of later.

Card Rule Number 3: Breathing Space

Thinking in advance here – you’re never going to be 100% sure of who is going to send you a card. Whilst writing my list, I made sure that I left a few spaces, in case I get a card I’m not expecting, or if I remember someone else much later.

Card Rule Number 4: Future Planning

You’ve made a list, you’ve sent the cards, Christmas happens, and you’ve gotten cards from people you forgot, or you’ve not gotten cards you were expecting.

You’ve already got a list – use this as your starting point for Christmas 2017. Cross out those pesky sods you didn’t get cards from (yes, I know that’s bitchy, but cards cost, y’know!). File this list somewhere safe. Then, in a year’s time, come back to it. You can cross out work colleagues who left/friends you don’t speak to, etc., and add any newbies you’ve met over the year.

I wish you all a stress-free, card-giving season!


PS – this year, I bought one of Paperchase’s 40 Assorted Christmas Cards pack, for £6. There are about 3-6 copies of each card, of all shapes, sizes and styles.  Top tip – each box is different! I had a right rummage through each box in the shop until I picked my favourites.


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