Christmas Décor

Day 6 of Blogmas

I am one of those people who loves the build up to Christmas often far more than Christmas Day itself. I love the feeling of festivity. No matter where I am, I’m obsessed with decorating the house for Christmas.

This is what mine and Jen’s living room is looking like this festive season. Let me know in the comments how you decorate your rooms.

First thing’s first, the tree! Okay, yes, we have a little Christmas tree. This little 3 footer is one of my favourite things I had with me through university. Often your room at uni is a bit of a shoebox, and this was the biggest thing I could get that I could get into it!

I love the traditional Christmas colours of red, gold and green. This reminds me so much of home.


Whilst I love my traditional colours, I’m not really a fan of a star or an angel on top of my tree. I found these little robins in Tesco last year (bearing in mind, I’ve had this tree for at least 3 years…I honestly have no idea what I put on it before!). Aren’t they cute?


Just look at them!

Now, I have to admit, I have got two advent calendars this year. I have a Dairy Milk one stashed in my bedroom, and we both have an M&S one downstairs courtesy of Jen’s Mummy and Daddy (thank you!). It matches the tree far better than Cadburys’ bright purple.


Jen’s addition to our Chistmassy living room is this little tree. Don’t ask me where she got it from, or where she got it, but it’s green and pretty so I popped it up on our mantlepiece.


Finally, they say that smell is the strongest sense, and the one that evokes the most and oldest memories…

Obviously we’ve got a big Christmas candle on our mantlepiece!


This is the PartyLite Marshmallow Vanilla scented candle. It’s one of those with three wicks in, so it burns pretty quickly, but the smell fills the room within a couple of minutes and sticks around too.

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