Christmas Candles

Day 7 of Blogmas

I am so obsessed with scented candles at the moment. I went a bit mad in a Yankee Candle outlet waaay back in June (!) and invested in some good and proper scented candles. My basket couldn’t not include Christmas candles when they were that cheap – they really were an investment, promise!


Yankee Candle – White Gardenia

First up – and not strictly a Christmas scent – this White Gardenia candle. The fresh, flowery smell may not immediately bring out those festive feels, but doesn’t it look pretty on our windowsill with the little tree ornament?

Tory’s Christmas Candle Rating: ★ ★


Yankee Candle – Sparkling Cinnamon

This is definitely my biggest investment in a Christmas candle. My biggest bug-bear with the Yankee Candles that are this big (this one is the biggest size they do) is that you have to burn them for absolutely AGES to try and avoid memory rings. I was also a bit worried that it would be just a bit too sweet when it’s burning, but actually, it’s just right. I love cinnamon in anything and everything, so I’m enjoying lighting this on cold nights.

Tory’s Christmas Candle Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Yankee Candle – Black Cherry

Okay, okay, I know this one technically isn’t a Christmas candle, but this Black Cherry candle goes so nicely with the Sparkling Cinnamon one. Cherries are kind of Christmassy, right? Black forest gateaus and all that?

Also, remember the memory rings that wind me up so much? Even though this is a smaller Yankee Candle, I just can’t seem to get it to burn evenly, which is annoying. I still love the smell though!

Tory’s Christmas Candle Rating: ★ ★ ★


PartyLite – Marshmallow Vanilla

I mentioned this one a couple of days ago and my review was: “it’s one of those with three wicks in, so it burns pretty quickly, but the smell fills the room within a couple of minutes and sticks around too”. I still agree with this!

Tory’s Christmas Candle Rating: ★ ★ ★


Next – Set of 6 Fragranced Candles: Gingerbread, Roasted Chestnuts, Under the Mistletoe, Mulled Wine and Figgy Pudding

I must confess, I haven’t actually lit any of these yet. I’ve been waiting for that moment when I feel really and truly festive. I’ve still obviously smelled them all, and my stand out favourite at the moment is Mulled Wine, followed pretty closely by Gingerbread.

Tory’s Christmas Candle Rating: I’ll let you know!


Aren’t they sweet? I love the metallic effect on the pots. I would love to have all of these on a mantlepiece, right next to a big (real!) Christmas tree with lots of glimmering fairy lights.

One day!


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