Celebrating Christmas in the Workplace

Day 9 of Blogmas

When it comes to December and feeling festive, I am not one to only allow myself that festive fever on an evening and my weekends. I spend 5 days a week at work; I want to be full of  Christmas cheer here too! Here are some quick and easy ways to get you and your colleagues feeling Christmassy. It does wonders for team work and also morale in the office.

Tip 1 – Decorate!

If you work in an office, it’s highly likely that you’ve got loads of paper. Take a few sheets, and get crafting! Paper chains and snowflakes are really easy to make. You could set aside half an hour over a cup of tea with your colleagues and get creative to liven up the office for Christmas time.

Also, go digging in old cupboards! I found this tiny Christmas tree in our tea/coffee room hidden in an old cupboard that looks like no-one had touched it for years. A quick fluff of the branches, and it’s now on my windowsill.

Tip 2 – Secret Santa!


Secret Santa’s, depending on the size of your group, are so easily to administer and implement. Take the initiative to get together a group of your colleagues, set up some ground rules, then names out of a hat. It’s so simple! I’m running a Secret Santa with about 10 of my colleagues, with a £5 maximum spend. Set up a time and a place for an exchange (you don’t need long), and voila.

What if I don’t know my colleagues that well? 

Bah Humbug – I hear your complaint and I raise you a Secret Santa Ground Rule of sending in some preferences. Love stationary? Tell the organiser, and they can include that on your name tag that someone will pull out of the hat.

Tip 3 – Do something for Charity!

Charity events are always a good office ice-breaker. This year, for Children in Need, we ran a spots and stripes day. There are always charities that need help at Christmas, and some that run big events. You could set up your own event for the charity of your choice, or perhaps join in with Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children? A little effort can go a long way, and you can guarantee the office will be full of Christmas cheer on the day.

May your work days be merry and bright!


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