Luxury Christmas Presents Wishlist

Day 11 of Blogmas

I know it’s not exactly the best personality trait to have, but I am incredibly materialistic. I love to window shop at designer labels and posh jewellery. I can’t go to London without going to Harrods, and I can’t go to Harrods without spending half an hour on every floor! Whilst I’m daydreaming, I thought I’d compile a “if I had all the money in the world” wishlist.

HP Sprocket Printer


HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer – Black, PC World, £99.99

I love printing photos and making photo albums or scrapbooks. This little gadget looks so, so cool. It prints 2 x 3″ photos onto sticky backed paper, so you really can print and pop straight into a scrapbook. (20 sheets at £9.99 FYI). This looks awesome.

Roberts Digital Radio


ROBERTS Revival RD60 DAB Digital Radio, Duck Egg, John Lewis, £169.99

I have wanted one of these for absolutely ages. I adore the modern vintage look of this radio, and I know they are actually pretty good gadgets to have; one of my best friends has one. They come in all kinds of colours, but I think neutral is best for these, so Duck Egg is my favourite.

Return to Tiffany Necklace…with Tiffany Diamonds



  • 18k white gold mini double heart tag pendant with diamonds
  • On a 16″ chain

Oh. My. God. I. Want. This. So. Much.

I can’t even, guys. I can’t even.



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