My Favourite Festive Treats

Day 12 of Blogmas

The fat girl I used to be really comes out at Christmas time. There are so many treats! How do skinny people stay skinny at Christmas?! Please, I need to know. Because there is no way I’m avoiding the cheeses, the pies, the puds! Now I’m daydreaming about food, let’s chit chat about the best (well, my favourite) festive noms.

Mince Pies


Mince Pies are one of those things that I’ve only gotten into as I’ve gotten older. I blame my Nan for this. She came to stay one Christmas when I was in my teens, and we made puff pastry mince pies. They were so good! I grew to accept the shortcrust pastry and the masses of filling that you see in all shop bought mince pies. I’ve also managed to grow from lots of whipped cream to brandy cream. This particular mince pie pictured had loads of port and brandy in it anyway, then with all the brandy cream… honestly, I think it went to my head.

Pigs in Blankets


Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets me going like a sausage wrapped in bacon. No euphemisms here. If you gave me a plate of these on Christmas day, you’d have a happy Tory.

Mulled Wine


Does anyone else appreciate just how cheap mulled wine is at this time of year? You can pick up a bottle from Tesco for like £3. This particular tipple is from M&S and is £4.50. So good, I bought two. And saw off the best part of one bottle whilst wrapping all my pressies. The smell of hot mulled wine fills the house, and with a mug full of this, wrapping pressies and watching the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special = ideal.



Another thing I have to love about supermarkets and other foodie outlets in December. The sheer amount of cheese. All the cheese. So many different cheeses. I went shopping in York with my boyfriend this weekend, and I was more than happy to make it clear that when I’m a grown up, at Christmas time, I will have more cheese in my house during December than I will chocolate. He happily agreed. Bring on our first Christmas. Ha!


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