Present Wrapping!

Day 13 of Blogmas

Present wrapping, to me, always feels like the calm before the storm. You’ve had the mad rush of all the Christmas shopping; you’ve spent hours out on the high street and hours online. You’ve got everything home and all the packages have arrived. You’ve put it off, and put it off again.. but you’ve got to start the wrapping now.


Honestly, I love it. Nothing better than getting on a festive film, or a playlist, and getting crafty with your present. It’s a nice time to get creative, I feel.

Each year, I set myself a theme. Previous ideas and things I’ve done include:

  • Simplistic – brown paper and string
  • Colour coordinating – like the year I did everything in red and gold
  • Everything glittery
  • Disney


This year, I’ve kind of gone for a bit of colour coordinating. I picked up this pack from M&S. Okay, so you can definitely get cheaper packs from places like supermarkets, but sometimes you’ve gotta treat yo’self (I promise I will never say that again).

To go with this pack, I picked up this accessories pack. It’s also 3 for 2 on wrapping stuff in M&S, and so I got some more gift tags (forgot to take a photo…sorry!). I definitely didn’t need all this, but hey, it’s cheap, and it’ll come in handy next year.

I’m quite a present wrapping perfectionist. I love trying to get just the right amount of wrapping paper for the present, curling the ribbons, thinking of cute things to write on the tags and sticking on the bows.


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