Gift Guide: Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Day 14 of Blogmas

If you and your partner are really close, you might actually find it quite hard to know what to get them. You might already live together, or share most things. Or perhaps it’s the complete opposite, and you’re still in the early days of honeymoon love (and lust) and still getting to know each other. With this in mind, I’ve come up with 3 ideas each for either a boyfriend or a girlfriend, covering 3 different budgets, for all you out there who’ve left it just a little bit last minute (no judgement).

For the lady in your life

£20 or less


And So 2017 Begins Wall Calendar, notonthehighstreet, £14.99

So, a calendar might not be the most romantic thing in the world. But, if you’re still in those honeymoon days, and you’re feeling confident in your relationship, you could write in dates (that you remember!) before you give your partner the calendar. Things like both of your birthdays, your anniversary, a year since your first date. Anything like that. How cute would that be?

£50 or less


Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Gift Set, Fragrance Direct, £51.95

Perfume, although it might seem a bit generic, is actually something really personal. Find out your girl’s favourite brand or what she uses, and buy that. Try and shake it up so you don’t come across too boring. For example, my favourite perfume brand is Marc Jacobs. I already have lots of Daisy Dream and a big bottle of Lola, but I found this gift set online in a sale (still over my £50 or less budget, but hey, I like fancy perfume, you can easily find perfume for under £50).

My advice when buying perfume is to go big or go home. It is expensive to buy, so try and get the most for your money. I’d always advice trying to get at least 75ml for the amount you’re likely to pay for it.

£100 or less



Jewellery is always good shout to buy for a girlfriend. Even if your girl doesn’t wear that much jewellery, chances are there will be something out there that she likes, you might just have to think out the box a bit.

Inspired by my own need for a watch, I present this gorgeous Olivia Burton watch. All silver is a classic, so this will never go out of style. I do love more colour and boldness in jewellery, but if you want this present to stand the test of time (get it? ha!), then go for something classy like this.

Moving on to…

For the man in your life

£20 or less


Scratch the World Print, notonthehighstreet, £17.95

I’m so cheating here. I bought this for my boyfriend for a little anniversary gift way back in September. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but I was very pleased with myself for finding this. Maybe you and your partner go on loads of holidays, or simply you know that he’d like to see the world. Ideal gift, right here.

£50 or less


Vintage Logo Hoodie in eclipse navy marl, Superdry, £49.99

Ah, the humble hoodie. Name me a man who doesn’t like hoodies, and I will buy them this one. Superdry make good hoodies for both men and women, and I’ve picked this out as a favourite for just under £50.

£100 or less


Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote, John Lewis, £79.95

I may not be the best with gadgets, but this seems like a pretty cool present. Including Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5 and more, your fella can binge watch all the films and series he desires. Bonus for you, as you can watch it all when you’re with him!

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