Favourites: Christmas Films

Day 17 of Blogmas

I’ve got to be honest here, I’m not actually the biggest fan of Christmas films. Each year, I only have two films that I have to see over the holidays, but apart from that, I’m happy to either not watch that much TV, or to watch all the TV specials. I much prefer all the old BBC Christmas specials than I do a Christmas film.

Nevertheless, as I say, I still have a couple of favourites. Without further ado…

The Holiday


I LOVE this film. I’ve already watched it this year, and will inevitably watch it again. Maybe twice. I love a good rom com any time of year, and this is the ultimate Christmas rom com. How has this already been in our lives for 10 years?!

I don’t even like Cameron Diaz that much as an actress, and you just know that Kate Winslet would never go for Jack Black, AND there is no way that Jude Law is like that in real life at all.

Even so. Definitely my favourite Christmas film. Closely followed by…

Love Actually


Richard Curtis does it again with this absolute classic.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this film. Even the most unsuspecting people are fans – as I found out the other day. My boyfriend and I had just finished watching the new Magnificent Seven, when I put Love Actually on whilst waiting for some football highlights. I thought he was going to fight me for the flicker/remote/whatever you call it. Next thing I know, he’s quoting the film as it goes along! It was even one of the big scenes, and he’s there quoting the thing! He hates rom coms!

Just goes to show. Everyone loves Love Actually.



Right, I know Frozen is set in Summer. I know it’s not a Christmas film. But snow and singing and reindeers! It’s a great film to watch at Christmas time.


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