2016: A Review – Worst Year Ever?

Day 19 of Blogmas

Bit extreme. I know. But you get the jist – it’s not been a great 353 (so far) days. Bit fitting for the last Monday before Christmas. So, why has this year been so bad? Here’s my opinion on the matter.

5. The end of the Great British Bake Off (as we know it)

Nothing in the world of 2016’s television has upset me more than the BBC losing GBBO to Channel 4. There will be no more Mel and Sue, no more Mary, same old money grabbing Paul (bit harsh, sorry PH) and no more one hour long shows.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and leave it where we all love it (on the beeb, with all the gang).


4. Brexit

Sometimes, if it’s broke, you HAVE to fix it. That’s why Britain should have voted to remain in the European Union. We’re now in limbo; the economy is all over the place, there’s more racism on our streets and in our awful newspapers (cough, cough – Daily Mail). In a mirror image to the US Presidential Election, millennials voted overwhelmingly to stay in, as American millennials voted for Hillary. We lost a modern and progressive leader in David Cameron. So the guy wasn’t radical, so he was a bit soft. But rather have him and have someone who actually listens to under 30’s than someone who doesn’t. Miss you, DC.

No-one knows what will happen going forward. No, it’s not the end of the world. Yes, Britain will be absolutely fine. But this was still a crappy thing to happen this year.


3. Vaping

I have such beef with people who vape. Before the haters wade in…yes, I obviously know vaping has been a thing for longer than 2016 has. I don’t know, I just feel like I’ve seen it so much more this year. It has pissed me off from January through to December. The pop up shops everywhere, the smell, the number of different smells. And it lingers, y’know? Good for you if you’ve managed to use e-cigs to get off smoking. But for anyone else, just no.

It’s repulsive and should be banned right now. Sorry vapers.


2. Hillary got Trumped

Picture this. It was 7am on the morning of the 9th November. Britons everywhere were waking up to the news that Donald Trump is going to be the next President of America. I storm into my housemates room.

“It’s happened AGAIN. The 24th June has happened AGAIN.”

(24th June being the day after the EU vote…the day Brexit became a thing)

Look, I’m a Brit, not a Yank. I won’t go overboard on the whinging.  But I felt such pain for a student I met at the University I work for. Her parents immigrated from Mexico to California, where she was born. Her whole family are scared that they might get deported. How is that okay?

Good luck, ‘merica. You’re gonna need it.


1. RIP Alan Rickman

We’ve lost so many incredible people in 2016, regardless of whether they were famous. I could have labelled this one RIP Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Prince, Terry Wogan, Leonard Cohen, Victoria Wood, Gene Wilder, Ronnie Corbett, Caroline Aherne, Anton Yelchin…and that’s just some of the famous people we’ve lost. 

Alan Rickman stands out for me. I love Harry Potter. His portrayal of one of the best and the most complex character in these stories was actually incredible. His voice is one of the greatest ever. I cried the whole day away when we found out he’d passed away. Each one of these famous people will have had fans. Each one has a family.

And, actually, each time news has broken that we’ve lost someone else, there are so many people out there who remind us that death is happening all over the place, in some really horrific places and conditions. This year we’ve seen so much war and so many terrorist attacks. It’s nothing on the numbers that we saw 100 years ago in the Battle of the Somme, but it’s still enoguh to be unsettling and it shoudl be enough for us to all try to change it, however we can.

So, RIP Alan, but RIP everyone else too.


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