2016: A Review – It was alright, actually!

Day 20 of Blogmas

After depressing you all yesterday with the reasons why 2016 has been a horrendous year, I wanted to find the silver linings and cheer us all up! Here’s my Top 5 reasons why 2016 has been pretty alright.

5. We came 2nd in the Olympics AND 2nd in the Paralympics. Rule Britannia!

I love the Olympics! Every 4 years, I become a slave to the TV and binge watch as much sport as I can cram into my routine. This year was no exception – even if I didn’t like the time zone! Jason Kenny, Laura Trott, Mo Farah, Rachel Morris, Andy Murray, Ellie Simmonds, Helen Glover and Heather Stanning… I could go on for ages about all my favourites. Obvioulsy the biggest shout out has to go to diver Jack Laugher – because he’s a local lad, from close to my home town, and he brought back a Gold and a Silver!

BA Team GB arrival on victoRIOus.jpg

4. Planet Earth II: A Television Masterpiece

Best thing to happen on telly all year. I heard the other day that more 16-25 year old’s tune in to watch Planet Earth II than they do to watch the X-Factor. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I love it anyway!

David Attenborough is a god among men. 90 and still going strong. What a hero.



This year, JKR blessed us with the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. So, we don’t really have any new Harry/Ron/Hermione stories, but the Wizarding World lives on, and I, for one, am hella grateful.

2. Personally, I’ve done okay.

Okay, so I probably didn’t need to indulge my own ego here, but I’ve had a pretty good run in 2016. I lost weight, I got a job, I moved back to Hull. God knows what 2017 will bring, so I’ll savour this year while I can.

1. If I haven’t cheered you up already, read this list of everything else that was good in 2016!

Okay, I’m cheating slightly and not giving a real number 1 best thing of 2016. Can I name this Tumblr post as my number 1 reason why we’ve had an okay year? I’m going to say yes.

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