My Bucket List: 2017 edition

Day 22 of Blogmas

We all want to live our life by the full. I like to daydream, but I’m also forgetful, so I might have an amazing idea on what I could do that could make me say “yep, I lived my life to the full on this day”, but then, I forget it.

To me, a bucket list is far better than a resolution. I’m not going to go over the top, so I’ll just pick a few things that I would like to achieve/do in 2017, and hopefully some of you will be inspired too. If you have a Bucket List for the New Year, please share it! I’d love to see some of your ideas too.

Previous Attempts

I’ve made bucket lists before. I think the most effort I ever put into one was going into 2013, and I surprised myself at how many I managed to complete. Fancy a throwback? Here’s my 2013 edition:


My Bucket List: 2017 edition

Get a job!:

First and foremost, I have got to get another job early in the new year. My contract will be up by the end of January, so for mine (and my friend’s/family’s/boyfriend’s/housemate’s) sanity, I will be spending January applying and doing all I can to get myself some job security.

Grown up, huh.

For the love of going to events:

Hull is the 2017 City of Culture, which means there is something, no matter how big or small, happening every single day in the city. I am actually most excited about something that is happening right in the first week of January; Made in Hull.

Made in Hull tells the story of our city in surprising and stunning ways through a series of commissions by local and international artists. From the devastation of the Second World War, through the good times and the hard times, this is an exploration of Hull’s heritage and its characters at work and play.”

Arts, pictures, and history. This should be awesome.

To achieve a personal goal:

This is a pretty lame one, and I’m sorry that I’ve mentioned this before. But, in 2015-16, I managed to lose a whole load of weight. It’s not quite creeping back on me yet, but I do think that 2017 has to be my year to start paying attention to my “Thinspiration” board on Pinterest, and buckle down to actually keeping fit. Over Summer 2016, I did manage to keep at my lowest weight in time for my holiday, by going running. However, my routine was crap, I didn’t invest in some good trainers, and once I got back from my holiday, that was it. Haven’t been for a run since. Don’t judge me!

To do something crazy!:

Or experience something. Do something! Do I need to jump out of a plane to make this true? Nah. Do I need to get a piercing, a tattoo? I don’t know. All I know is I want to do something next year to make people go “omg”, “wait, what?” or “you didn’t! *shocked face*”.

For the love of travel:

I would love to go somewhere I’ve never been before next year. Australia, New York and New Zealand are all on my lifetime wishlist. Maybe one of these might come true next year. Maybe I’ll get to go back to DisneyWorld!

My boyfriend and I have a mini travel bucket list (a miracle, given how much he has traveled in his life). It’s a really nice thought and daydream to hope that he and I might one day next year go to one of our places to go to. Here’s our list:

  • A Grecian Island (him)
  • Dubrovnik (me)
  • South America (him)
  • New York (definitely me!)
  • Thailand (me)
  • Australia (both of us)
  • New Zealand (both of us)

Fingers crossed for an amazing 2017!

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