A look back…

Day 23 of Blogmas

Oh my days, I can’t actually believe that this is my penultimate Blogmas post!

After looking back on 2016 and how it might have been for a LOT of people, I wanted to share a bit of a look back, not so much of a review, at my own year.

To do this, I’ve snapped some pages in my diary. My 2016 diary is one of my favourite Christmas presents from 2015. I’m organised and like to plan, so a diary is great for me anyway, but I also love to bake (even if I’m not amazing at it!), and my diary was a Great British Bake Off one – so as well as organising my life, it’s full of recipes! I’ve also used it as a bit of a scrapbook too, so I think I will be keeping this, for the memories.

Anyway, looking back. Hmm. Let’s go back to March.


March 21st. The date my boyfriend and I agreed we’d put on Facebook, and the date for our “official” anniversary. The truth is, I honestly don’t know how long we’ve actually been together, but this page in my diary actually brought the decision about. I’d been to see him, he’d doodled these post-it’s, which cute little me (rolls eyes) decided to keep.


May time now. I keep cinema tickets, always have. I have a little stash of them in my purse; some are up to 7 years old I think! I have tried to keep as many cinema tickets from this year as I can, but I think I must have had a particularly good date night this night for me to stick it into my diary.


June was a game changer for me. On the 1st June, I got interviewed for and offered my job. The first week of June, my boyfriend came to visit at my Mum’s, and I had an incredible week. In the week pictured, I visited him, we went to Alton Towers, had the most wonderful day, and that weekend I moved back to Hull to start my job the following Monday.


In September, my proper grown up friend, Rachel, want on Maternity Leave. I value her friendship so much, and was so lucky to be invited to her Baby Shower. She had her baby in October, and I love them both dearly!

I also got incredibly drunk that week. Let’s not talk about that one! Don’t mix gin and red wine, kids.


Good god, I need a manicure.

My holiday of the year! I booked to join my family on a countryside getaway in Majorca for 9 days. Two months later, and three days before I was due to fly, boyfriend decided he wanted to come along too. Cue the most stressful few days of my year, followed by the loveliest week away with my family and fella.

Would I say 2016 has been my best year? To be honest, I don’t think you can ever judge how good one particular set of 365 days are compared to another. It certainly wasn’t my worst (here’s looking at you, 2012). I’m ending the year happily and healthily; far happier and healthier than I started it. That, to me, is all you can ever ask for.


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