Merry Christmas Everyone! – Christmas Day OOTD

Day 24 of Blogmas


24 days of blogs that have come in all shapes and sizes. Thank you for all the likes, the comments, and the views. I’ve absolutely loved writing all of these posts!

I thought for my last post I’d share my Christmas Day outfit this year. Yes…I’ve already planned it. We go to my Grandma’s every year and she’s actually pretty good at fashion so I have to think pretty hard about what to wear so I’m in her best books!


I’ve decided to go for:

  • A plain, long sleeved, black tee from New Look;
  • A tan suede skater skirt from H&M;
  • Mahogany 60D tights from M&S;
  • This pretty necklace from Fat Face.

It’s not very festive, but it’s nice and comfy for a long day of eating everything in sight!

The top I’ve had for a long time, and the skirt I picked up for £5 (A FIVER! Eeek!) in the sale at H&M.

In a bit more detail…


(I didn’t mean to have the flash on for this photo, but I didn’t have enough time to retake!)

I liked these tights, because they’re not boring black, but they’re actually not outrageously colourful. This picture makes them look far redder and brighter than they are. The colour compliments the suede skirt nicely.


This necklace was such a good Christmas Eve find. I’ve had my eye on some stuff in Fat Face for ages, so went to have a look while we were out and about today. This necklace was £6 down from £16! Yay! And the colours go just right with the outfit.

So there you have it! My final Blogmas of 2016.

All that’s left to say to you all is, once again, thank you for reading, have a very Happy Christmas. Eat, drink, and be merry!

Lots of Love,




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