LUSH Christmas Sales Haul!

Happy New Year everyone! Did you all have a lovely time?

I raided the sales in Harrogate this year – good and proper! I got myself loads of goodies, but I’m particularly happy with how I managed to do in the Lush sale. I was actually a couple of days later than I imagine most people are – we went shopping on the 28th – later than the Boxing Day madness.

Lush were offering 50% off on Festive products and anything that was made before the start of November. I guess that’s Lush’s rule of thumb on their sell by dates?

Well, I didn’t spot much that had a date prior to 01.11.16, which I was a bit disappointed by, but I overheard some girl in the shop saying that they’d had queues upon  queues over the past two days. I’d clearly come at a quiet time when it was just the last stuff left.

I managed to pick up…

Clockwise from the top left: 

  • Stardust Bath Bomb
  • Santa Baby Lip Scrub
  • Peeping Santa Bubble Bar
  • Butterbear Bath Bomb
  • Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

I actually got two of the Butterbears. They were a quid each, can you believe it?! (I obviously couldn’t).

My favourites

Butterbears are one of my favourite Lush products, so I was very happy to see these as part of the sale range. I love the smoothness of the different oils in this bath bomb, and it smells divine!

Expect: oily, cocoa-y goodness!

Don’t expect: bubbles, and I’d recommend not washing your hair in the water after this.

Snow Fairy is Lush’s classic Christmas scent. It’s sweet but not quite sickly, and the babiest pink in colour. Similarly to the Butterbears, this conditioner is so full of oils and butters. I like to use this in a morning shower, and I feel fabulous the whole day.

Expect: all the moisturiser you need, without faffing after your shower!

Don’t expect: it’s a conditioner, not a soap, so use your hygiene products before hand to get the most out of your washing time.

My not-so-favourites

I love all the products I bought, and I’ve never not loved a Lush product that I’ve had, but if I had to give my least favourites…

The lip scrub isn’t really right for my lips at this time of year. I really struggle with trying to get my lips in a nice condition (owing to biting them when I’m nervous, and suffering from chapped and dry lips when the weather is too cold). I just feel like this lip scrub isn’t helping the situation now that it’s really chilly in England!

Expect: it tastes really good, and I do think any other time of year I could work well with this.

Don’t expect: I was so pleased to see this in the sale, as I can’t fathom paying £6 for one of these full price.

Also, I used the Stardust Bath Bomb last night, and was left feeling a little bit underwhelmed. It was fun to try, as I do love testing my way through these bath bombs, but I can’t afford £3-5 for something that isn’t gonna tickle my bath time tastebuds.

Expect: lots and lots of blue.

Don’t expect: an awful lot else.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments. Until next time my loves!

8 thoughts on “LUSH Christmas Sales Haul!

  1. Awh that’s a shame I really found that the lip scrub helped me in the winter! I get where you’re coming from but I found the she’s butter in it to be really moisturising! Followed,it’d mean a lot if you checked out my blog too x

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  2. I went all out during the Christmas Sale and managed to buy a huge tub of Snow Fairy body conditioner and I AM LOVING IT. That smell is fantastic. I also love that I can use it under the shower because I like to use my Dream Cream after that. Great review and nice haul.

    Would you be interested in writing/sharing a couple of articles on I’d love to see more if this kind of content on the platform as we continue to branch out. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail for more information. You can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you.

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