It’s time to get cultured.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the city I currently call home, Hull, is now the UK’s City of Culture for 2017! For as long as I’m living in Hull, I’m going to get involved and blog about all the amazing things happening in our city.

What does this mean for my blog?

It’s time to get viewing, reviewing, and cultured.

Every day this year, there will be at least one event happening somewhere in the city. This could be a big one off event, such as the New Year’s Day fireworks – “In With a Bang” – or a longer running exhibition, such as “Lines of Thought – Drawing from Michelangelo to now” at the university’s library until the end of February. I missed out on the fireworks, and as the Michelangelo exhibition is on the same campus as I work on, I’ll no doubt go see that a couple of times. However, it’s a big light show that I want to talk about today!

Made in Hull

Tory’s Culture Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Before we begin, I have to apologise for my poor photo quality. My phone kept crashing, and my pictures really don’t do this wonderful show justice.


This show took over the city centre for the first week of January. I went along on Friday night with one of my girlfriends, Heather, and it was absolutely packed! There were about 9 different stops, and we saw 5 of them.

The first one, pictured above, was all about the history of Hull over the past 70 years or so. It was incredibly emotional, which took both of us by surprise. Watching on the Ferens Art Gallery, we saw the artist’s interpretation of the Blitz on Hull, the Trawler Tragedy, through the punk culture of the 80s and right up to Hull’s FA Cup campaign, when Hull City reached the final in 2014. See?

There was a very clear focus on what the future of the city is going to be. Hull is leading on what everyone has started to call a “second industrial revolution”. I’ve always been in favour of renewable energies – #SaveThePlanet and all – but with a boyfriend who studies that for a Masters degree, I can’t help but feel really proud that this is the direction that Hull is going in. They sure made it a focal point of the central Made in Hull show.


We also saw (in) Dignity of Labour, heard a 3D recording of a Hull City football pitch, saw some people doing some stuff in shop windows (okay, we didn’t really understand that one), and a recreation of the 90’s club scene under a motorway bridge. That one definitely got cool points, and took us back to the nights we used to spend clubbing away when we were 18.


The show on The Deep was also so good; all about the make up and history of Hull’s population. It went through all the different trends and nationalities that came to Hull over the past 200 years. It was a gorgeous show about inclusiveness and, well, cultures.

I really hope that Hull 2017 recreate this event, or grow it to include what this incredible year is going to bring. I’m so excited!


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