Mini Primark Haul: on the Hanger vs on a Human

I cannot be the only person who goes to Primark and is too lazy to try on the clothes. Unless I have hangers galore, I never went into the fitting rooms. Now I’m a bit more adult (still nowhere near full adult yet, don’t worry guys), I am a tiny bit more conscious with my money. Hence this mini haul.

Okay, maybe not conscious with my money. Maybe I CBA with the hassle of returning stuff.

As we all know though, gloriously cheap as Primark is, sometimes their pieces are hit and miss with their fit. Over the past 5 years, my body has gone from a 10 to a 12 to nearly a 14, back down to a 10, and sometimes, just sometimes, I buy an 8. My advice, as a curvier girl, is to use your size only as a guide in Primark. As a 10, I might need an 8 or a 12, and that’s okay.

I thought it’d be a fun idea to do a trying on with a few of the pieces I picked up this weekend. They’re all a size 10. Let me know what you think!

Crap. I’ve lost my receipt. I think this was £12?

I’m a big fan of how soft and cosy this jumper is, but it’s not heavy. The sleeves are a tiny bit short for my arms, so I won’t be putting this in the tumble drier any time soon. That’s my only criticism though!

I’m pretty sure this was around £8.

I’ve wanted a dress like this for quite a while – my cousin has one from Joules and I really like it. However, I never got round to buying one from there. I spotted this in Primark and thought sod it, let’s have it.

I was skeptical about the length. It’s described as midi, but it looked VERY long on the hanger. It sits just below my knees, and I’m 5’8″. The only other complaint is that it is quite tight around the bottom hem, but that’ll give with wear.

I love the way these stripes emphasis my curves, without me feeling chubby at all (very unusual for me!). I also really like the colour. My photos make it look navy, but I think it’s actually a little lighter, which I’m a fan of.

Okay, I definitely remember that this was £7!

Shirts with printed patterns tend to go a bit in and out of fashion, so I’m not sure I’d ever buy a really expensive one. Primark had a huge range of shirts and workwear – I may have to go back just to get some more work stuff! I’ve worn it with a skater skirt for this photo, but I think it looks great with a black pencil skirt and a cardigan, for that comfy smart feel.

What do you think of my mini haul choices? Have you found any goodies in Primark recently? Let me know in the comments. Until next time my loves!

11 thoughts on “Mini Primark Haul: on the Hanger vs on a Human

  1. Love what you bought! I agree with the sizing though, I am a comfortable 10 but had to buy size 8 jeggings… Annoys me a bit because I know I should try stuff on before buying haha. We have very similar tastes, as love their shirts too! I have one with bees on but the button on the sleeve has come off… I can’t sew so need my mum (I am 30…) to fix it for me haha xxxxx

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