Hull 2017: The Blade

In my last post about the goings on in Hull (UK City of Culture 2017), I mentioned the importance of the Renewable Energy industry in the future of the city. Basically, a big company called Siemens announced a big investment (lots of £££’s) and lots of jobs in Hull – its biggest project being wind turbines.

I can tell I’m thrilling you. It’s exciting for the city, I promise. In an effort to rouse more excitement around this, check out what landed in Queen Victoria’s Square…


It’s HUGE.

It’s a blade from a wind turbine and it’s being deemed a huge piece of art; a sculpture to represent the future and how important Hull is and will be in the shaping of this future.

Art? Hmm. I can see where they’re coming from. True, it is handmade, just like a sculpture. It’s very striking. It’s drawing crowds all the time, people are going up to it and taking photos of it and with it.

Which is all very good. However, in my humble opinion, this is an object with a use – once it’s done being used as an exhibit, won’t it be shipped back to be stuck to the rest of the wind turbine? Does this make it a piece of art? I’m not convinced by that argument.


Whether it’s art or not is kind of irrelevant. The point is that everyone in the city is talking about it. Everyone wants to go see it. It’s a huge statement of intent, actually.

Dear the rest of the world, listen up. Stop calling Hull backwards. Soon you’ll be following our lead. Love, Hull – City of Culture 2017. And what. 

Perhaps not.

The artist behind the blade has come out and said that it’s all about this angle (picture above). Seeing the shadow of Queen Vic’s statue against the blade. She’s not looking at it, you see. It’s actually behind her. She led the way during one industrial revolution, and the statement of intent is that this is the next one.


The photo above is my favourite picture I’ve taken of the blade. The blade, as a symbol of the future, with a long line of university graduates below.

Because, as much as we can shout about the future, someone’s got to make it happen.


What do you make of the blade? Are you a reader from Hull who’s been to see it? Let me know in the comments!


I’m going to be doing a few of these City of Culture blogs, and I’d love for the series to have a little name. I’m a bit short on ideas. Anyone got anything?

Until next time lovelies!

3 thoughts on “Hull 2017: The Blade

  1. Great post enjoyed the read – could you not call your series Hull city of culture or The best of hull city of culture or Why Hull has culture, Hull 2017. Think it’s a hard one, but good luck with it. I will enjoy reading what you have to say 😀

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