Lines of Thought

The Lines of Thought Exhibition was open in the University of Hull’s Brynmor Jones Library from 3rd January to 28th February (today). Despite working in the building next door (no, really, I do – no exaggeration), I only got round to going on the last day.

I know, I know! I can hear your tuts from here!

I’m gutted that I can’t be writing this telling you all to go see the exhibition. But I still wanted to share with you some of my highlights. I’ve not edited any of the pictures, and the lighting wasn’t very blogger-friendly, but hopefully you’ll still be able to see the art fairly well…

By way of an intro, here’s what the British Museum has to say about it’s collection:

“Lines of thought explores drawing as one of the most effective mediums for expressing and representing an artist’s ideas. Its immediacy allows artists to act almost at the speed of thought, their choices legible in every line.”

I’ve actually been sat next door to drawings by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo for two months and not gone to look. I’m ashamed.

The sheer detail in some of these drawings is incredible. You can see how the artist was getting ready for creating some of their masterpieces.

The Les Mis fan in me squealed with excitement at this (apologies for the terrible picture of Victor Hugo’s drawing, but some couple would not move out the way!). I had a nosy at this one for a while, all the time asking myself if Victor Hugo was feeling glum all the time.

This drawing of “an Asain elephant” has clearly been the star of the show, and when you get up close and personal, it’s so evident as to why this is the case. I honest can’t fathome how someone was able to create something so detailed using chalk and charcoal. Rembrandt drew this nearly 400 years ago and you can still see every fine line, every shadow. It’s awesome.

I’m so grateful that I finally did go see this exhibition, and I really do hope that the university can continue to put on such events. I know from working here that it has been incredibly successful, and I’m actually quite proud that my place of work has been able to put on such a spectacle.

Did you go see the Lines of Thought exhibition? What did you think? As always my friends, let me know in the comments!

Here’s hoping for more fab exhibitions on campus during 2017 *fingers and toes crossed*.

The good news is, if you’re reading this and you live in Belfast, you can catch the exhibition soon. Details here:
Ulster Museum, Belfast
10 March – 7 May 2017.

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