My Sunday Bake: Apple Turnovers

Good evening lovelies, how are we? This weekend seems to have flown by!

I had some old apples and puff pastry to use up. I made apple sauce out of the apples, and then put this in some puff pastry and made teeny little turnovers. Here’s my recipe and some pics.


For the sauce:

These measurements are not exact. I had 4 or 5 apples, which I peeled, cored and chopped into little pieces. I put all this in a saucepan, and added about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and about 2-3 tablespoons of sugar. I let this boil down until – well, until it looked like apple sauce.

Once I decided I was going to make turnovers, I added about half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and about half a teaspoon of cinnamon.


For the pastry:

Hahaha – “for the pastry” indeed. I had ready-rolled, shop-bought, puff pastry.


How to make the turnovers:

My turnovers are all rather higgledy-piggledy in size, as I had loads of bits of pastry, having bought it to make a pie a couple of weeks ago.

Onto a lightly floured surface, I rolled out the pastry into workable square/rectangle shapes (depending on the shape and size of my scrap). Imagining my pastry with a halfway line, I added a small tablespoon’s amount of the apple mixture to one side of the pastry.

I don’t have a pastry brush, so I used my finger to add some milk to the edges of the pastry, before folding it over the mixture. I used a fork to seal the edges, then covered the top of the turnover with milk too.

I really hate wasting, so I went a step further and cut out little shapes from the pastry I had left. Okay, I could only manage some wonky hearts, a couple of leaves and one very unfortunate star!

The turnovers went into the oven at about 190 degrees celsius (which I think is about 170 fan/gas mark 4 or 5?) for about 20 minutes.

And here’s the finished product!

I had a couple of spillages, but I wasn’t very surprised, given I’d had to roll ready-rolled pastry just so I could make these mini pastries. But! They look sweet. I’m sure everyone at work in the morning will eat them regardless.

Big thank you for reading! Until next time lovelies xxx


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