How to Save Money Without Really Trying

So far this month, I’ve managed to have my car fail it’s MOT and I’ve had to order myself some new glasses because my prescription has gotten worse. Like me, are you finding yourself a bit short on cash?

Monday is always a good day to try and make a change, so with that in mind, here’s some quick fire tips to get you thinking about where that money is vanishing too, and how to change your ways! I will try to practice what I preach…


Save On your Starbucks!

We may love to make sure we get that Venti Mocha with extra whipped cream before a days work, or before a 9am lecture. But, at anywhere between £2.50 and £4, can we really all be affording to spend that on a week-daily basis? Even if we do want to treat ourselves every so often, who actually finishes a venti Starbucks before it has gone cold?

If you’re serious about your morning caffeine kick, investing in a flask or cafetiere is a really good idea for you. Love for coffee stays, as do the pounds in your purse.



Lots of Loyalty cards!

How many times have you replied “no” to a shop worker asking if you’ve got a Nectar card/Clubcard/loyalty card?

There’s nothing wrong with being a serial loyalty card collector. They wouldn’t have been invented if they didn’t reap some kind of reward, right?

Take Tesco’s Clubcard. They send you vouchers for money off the things you tend to buy most, and you can cash in your points for vouchers to spend in all sorts of places. You could go out for a meal, or go for days out!

Go get those points for cash off your next purchase… it all adds up.



Addictions have Got to Go!

There are some things we just can’t stop buying. You might not be able to go a day without a bottle of Lucozade or a packet of crisps. Have you thought to bulk buy things that you know you’re going to spend on? While that means you’re still spending, you could be actually saving so much in the long run.

There are more serious addictions that are burning holes in our pockets. A cheeky £10 in your Bet365 account for the big accumulator you’ve planned for this weekends’ games, or the £8-£9 you’re spending on a pack of cigs every few days. These actually amount to a huge amount of money over a long time.

Unless you do actually win big on your accy and close your betting account. But how many people do that?



No, but really, do bring your own booze.

We’re probably looking at a minimum of £30 for a night out. Each. Time. £30!

Let’s say, rather conservatively, that you go out once a fortnight. £30 once a fortnight for 3 years… I don’t even want to work that out.

Am I advising you to not go on nights out? No! You love to dance, you be my guest, and just let me grab my bag!

There are definitely ways to curb our spending though. How many of us have taken drinks to house parties, sworn you’d go get it in the morning, and never did? How much vodka have we lost out on?! Don’t take excess booze to the pre-party.

Have we not noticed how many clubs offer discounted entry before a certain time of the night? Why not book the taxis to make sure you get in there before they hike up the door price?

Curb your splurges, and you really will be saving more within days.

Featured photo credit here.

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