Restaurant Review: 1884 Wine and Tapas Bar, Hull

It’s not very often that I get to go out for a really, really posh dinner. But, on Tuesday 21st March, 2017, off we went to Hull’s Marina and to 1884 Wine and Tapas Bar (not to be confused with their main restaurant, which is on my “while I’m in Hull” bucket list).

Remember waaay back last year when I went to Bait on a date?

Well, same boy and one year (and a bit) later, we dressed nice and went out to celebrate our first anniversary. We had such a nice time and loved our fancy dinner.

Admittedly, as well-to-do as we like to think we are, we weren’t really sure how many things we should order, so we asked the waitress, who was more than happy to offer some advice. In fact, all the waitresses were really nice. They let us know that dishes come out when they’re ready, not all at once, which definitely enhanced the authentic tapas experience.

We’ve grown into quite the red wine drinkers, and I was still without my car, so we ordered a bottle of the Merlot. The wine was reasonably priced, for a specialist wine bar, and we enjoyed it a lot, once we’d given it time to breath (seriously it makes such a difference!). This is how it was described on the menu:

Merlot, Castell de Raimat 2014 (Casters del segre, Spain) – A delightful welter of strawberry, blackberry, cherry, redcurrant and cranberry notes with subtle tannins.


We went for four different tapas dishes at first – the “calamar”, the “gambas cerveza”, the “suprema de pollo”, and the “magret de pato”. So, calamari, battered prawns, chicken supreme and duck. Check out the descriptions from the menu – oh my days, it was so difficult to choose from everything on there.

Calamar – Squid tossed in flour finished with smoked paprika and ‘Thirsk Green Mizuna’.

Gambas cerveza – Crispy ‘Wold Gold’ battered prawns with dressed ‘Thirsk Green Mizuna’.

Suprema de pollo – Herb and garlic rubbed chicken supreme on a hanging skewer with pimientos de padron.

Magret de pato – Local Duck breast marinated in ‘Thirsk lemon thyme’ on a hanging skewer with pimentos de padron.


Honestly, I loved every single bit of all of these dishes. The squid was not in any way chewy, and the paprika flavour was so scrummy. The prawns were huge; like the ones you get when you go on holiday to the Mediterranean. The chicken was so buttery with a rich rosemary flavour, and the duck. Well, the duck was to die for. Quite possibly the best duck I’ve ever tasted.

So, we loved them all so much that we did then order a fifth dish; the “croquetas de cangrejo” – roasted red pepper, chilli and ‘Bridlington crab’ croquettes with homemade chilli jam. These were so yummy too, although admittedly, I was pretty full at this point, so had just enough to get the full taste of it. Boyfriend polished them off no problems.


I had such a nice time at 1884. I really do recommend it. It is on the slightly pricier side, but we knew that before we went and, after all, it was a special occassion.

We finished off our anniversary with a trip to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast, and home we went. Definitely one to remember. I wonder where we’ll be next year… I’ll let you know lovelies.

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