I made my own Big Mac!

I have a bit of a secret to tell you…

McDonald’s is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. Always has been – ever since you could get a Beanie Baby with your Happy Meal! So when I was invited to check out one of the new-look McDonald’s, well, as if I was going to say no.

I may have also been enticed by the offer to make my own Big Mac… this was going to be a fun evening.

I made my own Big Mac! McDonalds ad.

Meet Ashton and Alex πŸ™‚Β 

McDonald’s in St Andrew’s Quay, Hull, has been revamped and looks so cool. This went right down to new staff uniforms. We loved the chance to dress up for the night! I even got to keep my own badge. Eek!

Oh man, you know that feeling you get when you rearrange your bookcase and it looks all nice… look at those boxes.Β The staff don’t even need to look at the guide above them. I would never remember all that stuff!

We were given a good look around the kitchen and were told all about how McDonald’s have reorganised this space to allow staff to cook each order to order. Then it was our turn!

Making my own Big Mac!


Aw, look at me, I was so nervous.Β 


The humble Big Mac was so much fun to make. I’ll admit, I was a bit scared of the huge sauce gun! I’ll also admit that a Big Mac has never been my maccies order of choice. I’m a Chicken Legend kinda girl. So you see that Big Mac I’m making there? That was my first ever Big Mac.Β 

We were definitely proud of ourselves, ha!

New Features!

So apart from behind-the-scenes changes to the kitchen, McDonald’s are introducing these self-service order kiosks. You may have seen these before, I certainly have, but I wasn’t aware of all the new features. The biggest thing has to be the customisation options. We were taken through the order process, and, having also been invited to also taste their new Signature collection, I was able to select no onion in my burger!

You can also have your food delivered to your table. Just look up to the ceiling and you’ll see a zone number near you, and that’s where you select it to be delivered to. Such a great idea if you have kids, or if you’re otherwise unable to collect your order.


The Signature Collection

Here’s the Signature collection burger. I went for the classic, which comes with mustard mayo and ketchup. There’s also a BBQ and a Spicy version – something for everyone. The burger patty is over double the thickness of the standard Big Mac patty, and you can really taste the quality of the beef. Yummy!

With very full tums all round, the event came to a close. It was great to hang out with the Hull Bloggers again, and to meet some new faces. Β In the photo you can also spot the zone signs, new phone charging points, tablets on some of the tables (which have games and news apps on, so cool!) and the new bins which put a emphasis on recycling (I’m a big fan).

McDonalds: Charley Lucy

Photo credit to Charley πŸ™‚Β 

A huge thank you to McDonald’s for inviting me along. I had a really, really good time.


This post was sponsored by McDonald’s but all opinions are my own. St Andrew’s Quay McDonald’s can be found just off Clive Sullivan Way, Hull. All photos (except the credited one) are my own.Β 

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