Visiting the Big Apple: Madison Square Garden Tour

On the 14th June, my wonderful man and I took off for a flying visit to the concrete jungle itself. 12 days later, I still can’t believe we’ve ticked off such a big part of my bucket list!

We were only there for a couple of days, but I wanted to tell you about some of my highlights. I’ve come up with a couple of little reviews based on some three different ratings (all out of 3):

Value for money = banana pancakes 🍌🍌🍌

When faced with choosing what to have for my breakfast in New York, how could I not go for such a treat?! They filled me up for the whole day, meaning I only spent money on snacks then had dinner on the plane. Fab value for money! Shout out to Tick Tock Diner on the corner of 34th Street and 8th Avenue for a top brekkie.

Time spent = yellow taxicabs πŸš•πŸš•πŸš•

Knowing that I was only going to be in Manhattan for less than 2 days, I wanted to get as much in as I possibly could. Just like cabs speed around the city!

Overall rating = pizza slices πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

So we can probably blame Friends for this, but whilst dashing around Manhattan, we couldn’t not stop for a cheap slice of pizza from a little street shop. Huge slice of yummy pizza for $1? Definitely warrants a 10/10, A+, 100%, top rating!

Here enter episode one:

The Madison Square Garden All Access Tour

We’d booked onto the 9.30am slot for the All Access Tour around Madison Square Garden. This was the first tour time, and they run every 15 minutes (I think!). The tour took about an hour and a half in total, costing in at $32-ish per person. If you’re in NYC for, say, 4-5 days, it’s definitely worth getting on your itinerary.

Getting there was really easy, we could see MSG from our hotel window! We only had to have our email confirmation at the main entrance. We got checked onto the tour, had a group photo with a couple of basketballs, then we got taken down to one of the older floors with the original decor, and some vintage posters of opening night. After that, we were taken up to the concourse floor, which was almost like a museum. There was memorabilia from the Garden’s most memorable nights, including the night Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday Mr President” and the night Muhammad Ali lost to Joe Frazier. You could also search a date and you’d find out what happened on that day. See what happened on our birthdays:

The picture isn’t the best, but the boxing glove is signed by Ali!

We were also taken into one of the Garden’s VIP boxes. These were so fancy, and you got a great view of the stage, which on the day we went was set up for a Neil Diamond concert. Then we were taken up onto the bridge for a fantastic view of the whole arena; although don’t get too close to the glass if you’re a bit afraid of heights!

New York City: Madison Square Garden Tour

Following that, we were taken down to the locker rooms of the Rangers and the Knicks (which they share with the Liberty). This was perhaps the coolest part of the tour. We love sports, and although, by our own admission, we don’t know the most about American sports, we learned a lot on the tour and enjoyed having a sneak peak of the team’s rooms.

The final part of the tour was spent on the floor of the arena. We got to learn about how the arena adapts between a concert venue, an ice hockey rink and a basketball court. Personally, I think I best suited the Ranger’s kit…

New York City: Madison Square Garden Tour

Actually kinda wish I bought this now…

And so to…

The Ratings!

Value for money = 2 banana pancakes 🍌🍌

The tour overall cost us $97.50 for 3 tickets, but it was really detailed, we had a really great tour guide (whose name I’ve forgotten – nightmare! Sorry!), and we left knowing a lot more than we did when we went in.

Time spent = 2 yellow taxicabs πŸš•πŸš•

We arrived fairly early, so had a play in the merchandise shop beforehand. Our tour started promptly, and we were on the tour for around an hour and a half, then had another look around the shop (as we knew what we were looking at this time!). Overall, we spent about 2 hours at Madison Square Garden. It was good for the money we paid, but if you’re on a tight schedule, maybe consider not going in the shop.

Overall rating = 2 pizza slices πŸ•πŸ•

To be fair, if they had a half slice of pizza emoji, then this excursion is probably worth a 2.5 pizza slices overall rating. If you’re interested in sports or music, you will enjoy this tour, I guarantee!

Up next time: Tory in New York, episode 2: the Top of the Rock!

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