Emma Bridgewater Factory Day Out

Last Sunday, I went from Hull to Stoke-on-Trent with two lovely ladies to go for afternoon tea and to paint our own pottery at the Emma Bridgewater Factory.

I know, it’s a long way to go for pottery… but when the pottery is that nice, it wasn’t too strenuous a journey!

Now, I should probably explain that my dear friend Effy is mildly obsessed with “the Bridge”, but I am definitely a fangirl. It being a Sunday morning still, we needed our tea fix before the mad shopping and painting, so we had a massive pot of earl grey and our afternoon tea.


One of the things I think was most appealing about going to the Factory includes getting to go into their seconds shop. Seconds are their pieces, but with tiny defects; something like a slight change in the texture of the pottery, a smudge in the paint, a small mark. They sell them for an outlet price, and you can order them online, but it’s a bit of a lottery if you do that! Going in meant we could examine each piece and pick out the ones wth the teeniest of defects, so we could leave with pieces that you’d never guess weren’t first class!

Emma Bridgewater Factory Wildflowers Pattern

Having examined all the patterns up close and personal, and coming this close to wanting to invest half my monthly wage on the Bridge’s polka dots collection, I realised my heart truly lay with… hearts! Pink polka hearts to be more precise. So I chose myself a mug, and off we went to paint our own things!

Emma Bridgewater Factory Paint Your Own Jug

The three of us had decided that we’d gone to all this effort to get there, and knowing it was going to be quite pricey to paint your own, we thought we’d try and make our pottery look as pro as we could. I went for a jug, and that it would match my mug, and also a polka hearts teapot that Effy has kindly given me. We were pre-warned by the girls in the workshop that the paints wouldn’t come out the exact same colour as the actual Emma Bridgewater pieces, so I went for the closest I could.

Oh my days, did we get into the zone with these! We all went for hearts patterns, but we were in there for nearly 2 hours perfecting our peices!

Emma Bridgewater Factory Paint Your Own Jug


What can I say. It’s the best pot I’ve painted! It’ll look…homemade!

A week has passed since our trip and we’re due to receive our pots back from the factory in 2-3 more weeks (I’m really hoping only 2!). I’ll be sure to add a picture of the final product to my Instagram.

I had a wonderful girl’s day out, thanks ladies!

8 thoughts on “Emma Bridgewater Factory Day Out

    1. Thank you sweet πŸ™‚ It will look a little different when it’s back, the colours will be darker πŸ™‚ it was a lovely day! About 2 and a half hours in the car from hull though! xxx

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