Exploring Alicante

In mid-September, Alex and I flew off to Alicante for a week of much needed rest and recuperation. I hadn’t had a week off since January, so without realising it, I had been driving myself, physically and mentally, into the ground. Alex had just finished his Masters and also needed to get away from it all.

I have only ever known about Alicante as the airport, after spending so many of my summers flying in then driving down to Torreveija. We had a fantastic week of exploring a new city and seeing what Alicante had to offer.

On the first day, we were taken on a day out to the Santa Bárbara Castle. This big castle on an even bigger rock is Alicante’s biggest tourist attraction. Free to get to, if you’re willing to walk up the hill, but a modest few euros to get the lift up to the top.

The views were amazing, but so to the details and hidden gems in the castle itself. If you’ve ever read my “About Me”, you’ll know I love and studied History, so I was so pleased to find a couple of museums in the castle when I needed a break from the sunshine.

The centre of Alicante is so diverse. There’s the old town, with it’s hidden restaurants, bars, and sky high apartments. Then there’s the shopping district; long streets that all lead down to the marina, cafés on every corner, and a huge indoor market. We explored this market one early morning. Across 2 floors, you can find all the meats, fish, fruit, veg and cheese that you could ever need. We stumbled out the back entrance of the Mercado Central and also found the biggest flower stalls I’ve ever seen. No wonder we were desperate for some breakfast after this. Along one of the main shopping streets, we found Magnolia Café. This was opposite a Starbucks – where you’d look to pay €4-€5 for a big coffee. You can see the picture below – this was our brekkie that set us back €6.60. That’s it! For fresh pastries and fresh orange juice and proper coffees!

We found Alicante really easy to navigate. All the shopping streets that roll down the hill lead to the marina. We wandered down to find yet another market, strewn right along the promenade. This time though, we saw craft, jewellery, leather and clothes.

This is definitely the rich part of town. The buildings are so pretty, and the yachts are fancy.

I’ve been back a month since my holiday, and I’m already looking forward to my next one. I’ll definitely be going back to Alicante; we’re not finished exploring yet!


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