My 2017 Favourites

Blogmas 2017: 12 Days of Christmas

Day Five

I suppose it’s not surprising to have spent 351 days in 2017 and have found new things to enjoy. New hobbies, TV series, songs to sing along to. Just like monthly favourites, here’s the things I’ve enjoyed, discovered, experienced or come to love this year.

Emma Bridgewater

This year, I’ve been lucky enough to spend lots of time getting to know my friend Effy. Back in September, she took us on a day out to the Emma Bridgewater Factory, and I had such a lovely day. You can read all about that here. My Bridgewater collection is still small, but it’s definitely become one of my favourites this year.

If you have read my Emma Bridgewater post, I wanted to share what my “paint your own pottery” came back looking like. I’m very impressed with my handy work, if I do say so myself!

2017 Favourites: Emma Bridgewater

New York, New York

Take me back!

It may have been a trip that lasted a total of 48 hours, but going to New York is easily my standout event of 2017. I can’t actually believe that this time last year I wrote my bucket list, which included NYC, and 6 months later, I was there. What a wonderful city. I really can see myself going back there, hopefully in the not too distant future. I’m not finished exploring NYC yet.

Game of Thrones

Without a doubt, the TV series of the year. Alex and I watched this religiously.

Finally seeing Jon Snow and Daenerys hanging out, Little Finger getting what he deserved, girl power in the North and the dragons that are bringing the beginning to the end. This series had it all!

I can’t wait for it to be back, although it is quite upsetting that this might not happen until 2019…! I’ll wait patiently!

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