Christmas Time Guilty Pleasures

Blogmas 2017: 12 Days of Christmas

Day Seven

Christmas really does bring out some funny sides of people. I love gossiping in the office and finding out what everyone does on their time away from work. One of my colleagues always takes her family to the pantomime on Christmas Eve, even though her children are nearly all grown up!

It made me think about the things I get the most excited about every Christmas. Year on year, these little pleasures are some of my favourites during the festive season.

Pigs in Blankets

My absolute favourite Christmas food. Not very good for me and my waistline, not very good because it is essentially pig wrapped in pig, but I adore this Christmas time treat. Cover them in gravy, cover them in bread sauce, cover them in cranberry. I am not fussy how they come, as long as they come to me, and get in my belly. ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ˜

The Darts

In case darts isn’t your thing, or perhaps you’ve never watched a game of it in your life, sit down and learn this lesson!

The World Championship of Darts is on every year from mid-December to New Years’ Day. All the best players in the world come together in what is essentially a three-week long piss-up for the audiences. The atmosphere in the Ally Pally (a.k.a the Alexandra Palace, London) is so electric that it’s infectious, and once you get the darts on at home then it is sure to get the whole family involved.

I have a lot of favourite players – but my absolute fave is Michael Van Gerwen, the current reigning champ. Okay, so he might be dutch, but I’ll let him off for those moments when he gets the sweet 9-darters.


The Holiday

Y’know, I’ve gotten this far through this list and it’s only now that I realise there is no way I’m feeling guilty for loving any of these things! Anyway…ย 

I do love a good chick flick, and The Holiday has to be my favourite Christmas go to and pick me up film. I know most of the words. Sometimes, I tear up when Arthur gets up on stage to Jack Black’s super cute tune. Despite not fancying him in anything else, I have the hots for Jude Law.

I did read a hilarious article today about how incoherent the timeline is, but it’s still not ruined the magic for me, and I still get a warm fuzzy feeling when, actually, not really when, during the whole film, basically.


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Growing Up Ungracefully Blogmas Giveaway



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