Blogmas Post Ideas for Bloggers

Blogmas 2017: 12 Days of Christmas

Day Eight

This is my second year of doing a Blogmas, so whilst I’m by no means an expert, I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the course of 33 (and counting) Blogmas posts. I’ve picked 25 titles of posts I have done over the past 2 years, which I hope will inspire some of you who are trooping on with Blogmas. I have so much respect for bloggers who do a Blogmas! Many of you will be doing 25 days instead of my 12 (time restraints, guys 😔) and I wish you lots of luck and I hope to see lots of Blogmasses in the years to come.

So, with 5 days to go, here is some Blogmas inspiration.

  • Christmas markets trip
  • Blogmas giveaway
  • Get ready for the Christmas parties
  • Advice: who to write cards to
  • Christmas biscuits/cookies recipe
  • Your Christmas decorations
  • Your favourite Christmas candles
  • Christmas playlist/favourite Christmas songs
  • Celebrating Christmas in the workplace
  • Christmas jumper wishlist
  • Christmas presents wishlist
  • Favourite Christmas Food
  • Present wrapping guide
  • Gift guide for her
  • Gift guide for him
  • Cupcakes/muffins recipe
  • The Christmas Tag (HERE)
  • Favourite Christmas films/movies
  • 40 Beauty Questions Tag (HERE)
  • A review of the year
  • November Favourites
  • December Favourites
  • Next year’s bucket list
  • Christmas Day outfit of the day
  • Stocking Fillers

Good luck with your Blogmasses. If you have any inspiration you want to share, please leave it in the comments ☺️

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