A Review of 2017: The Bad Bits

Blogmas 2017: 12 Days of Christmas

Day Ten

It’s been quite a funny year, hasn’t it? Doesn’t feel quite as sad as 2016, what with everyone who died last year. But I’m not convinced there’s been too much happiness either. It’s been a tough political year for both sides of the Atlantic; I personally have never felt so invested in politics.

With this in mind, I’ve thought of some of the moments of 2017 I think we’d all be quite happy to forget.


exit from the eurozone concept

Well, last year Brexit made it into my 2016 Bad Bits. Back then, I said Britain will be absolutely fine. Come the end of 2017, I’m not so convinced.

The Brexit situation has been a mess from the start to where we are now. Not only has it been a political minefield that hasn’t been trodden across particularly carefully, it’s been an embarrassment. I’m embarrassed by the politicians who paraded around claiming that it’ll save us £350m for our National Health Service. I’m embarrassed, dare I say it, for the people who believed that would actually be a thing. I’m so embarrassed by our country’s media outlets who, just last week, “outed” Conservative politicians who voted in favour of giving MPs a final vote on the final Brexit deal – a thing that will now take place just before Britain is actually due to leave.

I mean, how fucking dare you, Daily Mail. I would have been so, so proud, if my mum’s (so my family home’s) Conservative MP had voted in an anti-Brexit way. The referendum wasn’t about party politics – Tories could vote to remain and Labourites could vote to leave, and hey, guess what, VICE VERSA.

I’m really not looking forward to how Brexit develops in the year to come. One of the three key “divorce settlements” are over what will happen to EU citizens living in the UK and likewise UK citizens living in the EU. I have family who live in Spain so I’m a bit touchy about that one. Another of these settlements is over the Northern Ireland border with Ireland – I used to live in Northern Ireland and they have had a really tough time of it in the past century or so. I really believe that our government and the EU have to make it a very smooth process for both countries to make the best of this crappy situation.

Rant over, and moving on…

Manchester Bomb Attack

Getty Images: Manchester

Terrorism is horrendous around the world, and once again, many, many countries have had to deal with terrorist attacks. I’ve chosen this one because it is close to home for me, but I want to stress that I don’t think it is any worse than every other attack of a similar scale around the world this year.

It’s so upsetting that some people went to a pop concert and never came home. It’s upsetting to know that there are people out there who want to destroy these happy occasions for people. I genuinely can’t see how our world and all of our societies are going to deal with these people and their actions.

Oh my days though, we came out fighting. Ariana Grande was someone I was never particularly a fan of, until she came out, merely weeks after people died at her concert, in 6 inch heels, fighting for hope and fighting for love. What. A. Woman.

Hurricanes Everywhere


The amount of natural disasters that have happened this year is genuinely terrifying. Climate change is real, our word is changing, and I for one can’t see how this is a good thing. How is our atmosphere warming up and becoming more unsettled a good thing for anyone, when it ultimately leads to things like hurricanes?

This Christmas time I’m sparing a thought for all those in the Caribbean who are still without permanent homes, so many without jobs, and all of those who are still on the clean up effort. It must be so scary to know that this storm is on the way, that there is absolutely nothing to be done about it, and know that there is probably another storm on the way not too soon after.

I hope I’ve not left you too down in the dumps about 2017, but I’m afraid this is the world we live in now, and I didn’t even mention the T-R-U-M-P word…

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