A Review of 2017: The Best Bits

Blogmas 2017: 12 Days of Christmas

Day Eleven

Yesterday, I damped the mood with 2017’s Bad Bits. Well, today I’d like to cheer things up by focussing on the great things that have happened this year. It’s not been all doom and gloom, we’ve made great strides towards equality and a better environment!

Hull City of Culture 2017


It’s been a marvellous year to live in Hull. I’m incredibly proud of the town I’ve grown to be a part of. From the very beginning with the Made in Hull lights and sound show, to all the exhibitions on the campus of the university I work at, to seeing the city centre regenerated with loads of investment. The place looks so much better, it feels so much happier, and I can’t wait for the arrival of the Hull Venue, surrounding shops, and much more.

Snow Leopards are no longer endangered


Yesterday, I talked about natural disasters and the negative impact climate change is having on our world. We’re still not okay, we’re still steering our planet into a place we can’t allow it to, but that’s not to say good things haven’t happened to the other residents of our world.

Some of our most beautiful and loved creatures are no longer endangered, thanks to things like laws cracking down on poachers and the ivory trade, and increased areas of conservation and protection. In September, Snow Leopards were declared as no longer being endangered – for the first time in 45 years!

They’re not alone – giant pandas were declared no longer endangered at the back end of 2016, because there are now about 2000 living in the wild. I think I speak for most of the country when I say that Britain is totally behind the wonderful zookeepers in Edinburgh on their mission to get their pandas to do the woo-woo and have babies. The whole country celebrates when we think Tian Tian is pregnant – imagine the celebrations if she has an actual baby!

Royal Wedding and a Royal Baby!

I am such a royalist. I adore the royal family and I’m particularly proud of the generation of Wills, Harry and Kate – and soon to be Meghan! They are changing our constitutional monarchy into a campaigning force for the best causes. They’ve campaigned against mental health stigma, Harry has run another successful Invictus Games to celebrate our veterans, and William and Harry have been campaigning for their child bereavement charity, Child Bereavement UK.

No longer is the monarchy a famous face to unveil a plaque – this up and coming generation are only going to continue to grow strength to strength.

Next year they’re giving us a lot to look forward to; Kate is pregnant with bubbah number three, and in May, we’re going to see a mixed-race, American actress turned humanitarian join the inner circle of the royal family. How exciting!

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