2018 Bucket List

Blogmas 2017: 12 Days of Christmas

Day Twelve

We’ve made it through Blogmas, and with the big day tomorrow, and New Year soon, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve done throughout 2017 and what I’d like to do in 2018. Last year, I wrote my 2017 Bucket List so I’d like to start with how I’ve done, then we’ll chat New Years!

2017 Bucket List

Get a job!

This time last year, my contract was nearly up and I knew I’d have to sort my future out. I’ve now got a permanent job at the university, so I can safely say I’ve completed this.

For the love of going to events

This bucket list point was all about Hull being the City of Culture 2017. This year has been huge; we’ve had so many incredible events throughout the year, such as Made in Hull, the Lines of Thought exhibition, the Poppies, the Blade, and so much more.

One personal highlight for me has to be spending a day backstage at Big Weekend with the lovely Jenny. We had so much fun, we sang to Katie Perry, sat out in the sun listening to Zara Larsson eating burgers, I got sunburnt. It was a really lovely and memorable day.

To achieve a personal goal 

This point last year was essentially about the weight I’d lost and wanting to keep it off. Bit of a tricky one to say if I have done this or not – I’m still far, far skinnier than I was, but I am getting stronger, so am gaining muscle weight, and it is also Christmas, so I’m carrying a bit of winter blubber. Perhaps a B+ for this one?

To do something crazy / For the love of travel

Okay, I’m combining this two now – I would say the craziest thing I’ve done this year was going to New York for less than two days! New York has always been on my list to go to, and it didn’t let me down. I have to say a big thank you to my wonderful other half for actually making this happen. 😘

2018 Bucket List

Career Progression

I am so happy to be in a permanent job now. I want to do more though. I’m going to spend time next year gaining more skills, applying for jobs and promotions and hopefully something bigger will swing my way.

Self Care

In 2017, I managed to work for 9 months without a weeks’ break. I would not recommend this to anyone. By the time my holiday in September came around, I was so tired, I was running on an empty tank. The holiday flew by. I am going to make sure I don’t make the same mistake in 2018. I’ll keep at it at the gym, ensure I have the right amount of holiday when I need it, and dammit I’m having a two week summer holiday for the first time since 2014 please and thank you.

Hakuna Matata

This relates to the point above, for sure. For 2018, I want to be happy and worry less. It’s not that I’m anxious, but sometimes I worry about things I don’t want to, you know? It can cause all sorts of issues when it shouldn’t. I want to be sat here this time next year, writing my 2019 Bucket List, and I want to feel happy about the year I’ve just lived.

Tune in next year to see if I achieve this things, and you’re doing a Bucket List yourself, I wish you lots of luck!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year lovelies, I hope you have a happy one and I wish you all so much luck and love in 2018.

Giveaway Result!

Massive congratulations to Sophie Samantha for winning my giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered.

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