Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A couple of Saturdays ago, my boyfriend and I packed ourselves a picnic, and drove down to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, near Doncaster. I really recommend it as a day trip out, especially for those with young ones, or if you love animals!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - Tiger

First of all. I’m going to apologise now, my pictures aren’t amazing. It was a very cold, very wet afternoon, and I only had my phone with me!


Here’s a list of the top three things I found most enjoyable about Yorkshire Wildlife Park:

The animals were actually out and about, despite the rain!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Lemurs

Some of our favourites included the tigers, who were clearly about to get their lunch as they were following  around the keepers, and also the lions, who were very noisy too! So often I go to zoos and see the lions mooching around. This lot were up and about, chasing each other, and roaring away! It was so nice to see.

We got a really good feeling from the park that their animals were content, which again, isn’t something you always see in zoos.

Polar Bears

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Polar Bears

So we’d been standing for a while having a good look into the first polar bear enclosure, where we could just about make out one polar bear in their little cave-shelter-thing, but as we wandered over to the second enclosure, out popped three polar bears!

I can’t remember ever seeing polar bears before, and neither could my partner, so this was quite exciting for us both. I think we were both a little surprised about how not-white they were, but this is clearly explained on the signs around their home. It’s all because, well, it’s not very snowy in Yorkshire.

We were also taken aback at how huge they were. I couldn’t get over how big their legs and paws were.

There seemed to be some building work going on around the polar bear’s enclosures. We wonder/hope that the park are going to expand their new-found polar exhibit. Penguins next, please?!

This giraffe

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Giraffe

I’m not even a little bit ashamed of how excited I look in this photo.

Did you ever see such a photogenic giraffe? I didn’t think so. It was so awesome to be so up close to this wonderful animal, and Alex managed to get a perfectly timed shot here.

In summary…

I had an absolutely marvellous afternoon at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The tickets were so affordable, less than £30 for us both, and we were there for most of the afternoon, picnic et al. Yes, it was wet and cold and a bit crap weather-wise, but I’m hardly going to blame that on the park and I certainly didn’t let it ruin my date day.

For more information on the park, you can find their website here

10 thoughts on “Yorkshire Wildlife Park

    1. Can I ask, depressing that you didn’t know, or depressing that polar bears are in the UK? I have no idea if there are any elsewhere here. I imagine so. They are very focused on conservation for them at Yorkshire Wildlife Park ☺️ x


      1. Both I guess but I’m not ripping on zoo’s and parks that do great work with conservation at all don’t get me wrong. Seeing the polar bears just felt a bit soul-destroying the same way it did when I first learned about killer whales at parks in Yorkshire and Morecambe and saw the poor sod swimming in a paddling pool at Flamingo Land.

        Still can’t get over that. Killer whales at Flamingo Land.


      2. An old friend of mine used to be head-keeper of big cats and I remember her sending postcards, photos and letters telling me what she’d been doing and plans for the future.

        When I first heard about and was considering doing a day’s marine mammal training with zoo keepers she was my first port of call cos I had to be sure it wouldn’t be going towards something that isn’t good, enjoyable or fair on the sea-lions and she went “Go for it – when you get behind the scenes and learn poolside from trainers you’ll see a totally different side to how zoos operate” She was right too 🙂

        I do understand how zoos are unfairly given a hard time by people that see one thing and assume the worst. A beautiful elephant at Blackpool Zoo was rescued and moved there after the circus with whom she’d been most of her life went bankrupt and just abandoned the larger animals.

        She had developed behaviours like compulsive swaying and head banging which has lessened over the years but I believe was so severe at first they were advised to put her to sleep.

        Every now and then someone will record footage of her swaying gently which is heartbreaking to see but most assume is because of her being in captivity. Seen a few petitions doing the rounds calling for her to be released and to boycott the park and son on.

        Keepers were given so much grief and abuse about they had to put up huge signs and notices to explain the behaviour and assure guests it wasn’t the result of being in captivity.

        I love to see the keepers interact with her actually you can see how much they really love their animals and vice versa.

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