Preparing for the next First Day

I have big news – I’m moving!

Well, at the time of writing, I can confirm that I have already moved, but it is the night before my first day in my new job at a University in Lincolnshire. So the big reason for moving starts tomorrow. Eek.

I’ve just found myself googling “things to do before your first day in a new job” and not found an article that’s particularly helpful. There’s a lot out there if you’re a total business-career-nut and how to make that grand impression on your first day. But I’m not feeling that vibe.

The thing about starting a new job is… they’re not expecting you to walk in and know what you’re doing. They didn’t hire you for the first week of induction. They hired you because they believe that, after induction, you’re the best person for the job.

I need to know the practicalities! The who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s! I know I have to be in the new office at 8am tomorrow, so that’s a good start.

Despite the fact it is the night before I start, I’m going to share the three things that I have done this evening to help me in my preparation for the big First Day tomorrow.


1. Make sure you know where you’re going

  • If you’re walking, do you know where you’re walking to.
  • If you’re cycling, do you know which route to take, perhaps the one with the least amount of hills?
  • If you’re taking public transport, do you know which buses/trains to get? Which stop to get off at? How to get from your stop to your place of work?
  • Or, if you’re like me, and will be driving, do you know where to go and, crucially, where to park, how much will it be, do you have a permit, etc.

And, with all of the above, know what time do you need to set off and what time you have to be there.

I won’t lie to you, I’ve just spent my evening trying to work out how to get to the car park I’ll need to park in. Turns out, not as easy as I thought it was going to be! This is something that, I’m sure, by the end of the week, I’ll have figured out, but until then, it is something that will stress me out until I get settled in.

2. Have the outfit ready

If you have a uniform, or guidelines, this one becomes easy. It’ll also depend on what kind of vibe your place of work has (if you know this).

If not… well, the outfit on the first day sets the tone of how they’ll expect you to dress. I obviously want to make a good first impression. I already used up my two go-to outfits on the interview and on a pre-Christmas lunch with the team. So I don’t want to wear either of those – I know its silly, but I don’t want them to think I have no clothes!

I’m going to go for something smart, shows that I’m a young professional. Will probably ensure I have a scarf too – it is January after all!

(Yes, I know there’s a baby in the way, but this is one of the only pictures i have of me in work gear – the shirt is navy and white, with a burgundy skirt. This is very typical Tory C workwear)

3. Have the little things that matter

I, for one, will not be going to work on my first day without my mug. This girl has got to have a cup of tea first thing, or I will be useless, and get the sack by 11am.

(I’m kidding… sort of. Hopefully won’t get the sack. I am in fact useless without a morning brew.)

But seriously, remember that you’re going into a place that you’ll be spending the vast majority of your day. What do you need with you? This is my packing list:

  • My mug
  • Teabags
  • My desk plant
  • My water bottle

Aside from creature comforts, there are a couple of things of important paperwork and such that I cannot forget (and are already in my bag for tomorrow morning, #prepared).

  • P45: Copy for the New Employer – so they can get my tax right
  • My personal diary – with any dates that I need to arrange for holiday (I had to explain after I got the job that I’d got a trip to Dublin booked for the end of January).
  • Pens – just in case…

I hope this has helped you – if you’re starting work soon, let me know how you get on!

6 thoughts on “Preparing for the next First Day

  1. Good luck! I’m sure your day will go great! Would love to hear all about it in a post!? Before I had my first day at uni, I made my dad sit in the car with me whilst we did a practice run so I knew exactly where I was going. Preparation is key and saves a lot of stress haha x

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