About Me

I’m Tory, a former Students’ Union Vice-President and History graduate. I come from North Yorkshire, and currently live in East Yorkshire, UK. I wear glasses, have a cat called Ron, and drink an abnormally large amount of tea.

I’m often clumsy, sometimes witty, and occasionally hangry. When I’m not running around working for a university, I read, cross stitch, and bake. I also like to talk, a lot, about subjects like feminism or politics, right through to make-up orΒ whatever I’m watching on TV at the moment. Any questions, tweet me @misstcliffe, or leave me a comment!

Β Nice to meet you!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tory, would love to let you know about an exciting project we have coming up with a huge brand. If you could give me your email address so I can send you all the information, that would be great. Have a lovely day!


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