A Letter to you.

If you’re British, that’s great, and please listen up. If you’re not British, you know what, the message of this letter is still really important.Β Pay attention if you’re 18 or older, and can actually do what I’m about to ask you to do. Not over 18? Still important for when you get to that age.Β 

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My Sunday Bake: Vanilla Choc-Chip Cupcakes

So, firstly, I actually made these last Sunday, but they turned out so well I had to share the recipe. Secondly, I made them more like the size of a fairy bun, as opposed to a big cupcake. More to share!

These were the fluffiest buns I made in a long time! Super light and super easy.

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Merry Christmas Everyone! – Christmas Day OOTD

Day 24 of Blogmas


24 days of blogs that have come in all shapes and sizes. Thank you for all the likes, the comments, and the views. I’ve absolutely loved writing all of these posts!

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2016: A Review – It was alright, actually!

Day 20 of Blogmas

After depressing you all yesterday with the reasons why 2016 has been a horrendous year, I wanted to find the silver linings and cheer us all up! Here’s my Top 5 reasons why 2016 has been pretty alright.

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The Christmas Tag

Day 16 of Blogmas

I’m home! I’m back at my Mummy’s house for a couple of weeks. What will my Christmas holiday bring? I’m not sure yet, but I am so happy to be back.

I haven’t had much time to write much today, so I’ve pinched The Christmas Tag from Alanna. I’d like to tag Sophie Samantha! Have fun!

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Luxury Christmas Presents Wishlist

Day 11 of Blogmas

I know it’s not exactly the best personality trait to have, but I am incredibly materialistic. I love to window shop at designer labels and posh jewellery. I can’t go to London without going to Harrods, and I can’t go to Harrods without spending half an hour on every floor! Whilst I’m daydreaming, I thought I’d compile a “if I had all the money in the world” wishlist.

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