A Review of 2017: The Bad Bits

Blogmas 2017: 12 Days of Christmas

Day Ten

It’s been quite a funny year, hasn’t it? Doesn’t feel quite as sad as 2016, what with everyone who died last year. But I’m not convinced there’s been too much happiness either. It’s been a tough political year for both sides of the Atlantic; I personally have never felt so invested in politics.

With this in mind, I’ve thought of some of the moments of 2017 I think we’d all be quite happy to forget.

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2016: A Review – Worst Year Ever?

Day 19 of Blogmas

Bit extreme. I know. But you get the jist – it’s not been a great 353 (so far) days. Bit fitting for the last Monday before Christmas. So, why has this year been so bad? Here’s my opinion on the matter.

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