My Sunday Bake: Vanilla Choc-Chip Cupcakes

So, firstly, I actually made these last Sunday, but they turned out so well I had to share the recipe. Secondly, I made them more like the size of a fairy bun, as opposed to a big cupcake. More to share!

These were the fluffiest buns I made in a long time! Super light and super easy.

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Intensely Chocolatey Muffins Recipe

Day 15 of Blogmas

My very own “wing it and see” recipe for very, very chocolatey muffins!

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Specs and Cupcakes!


Day 1 of Blogmas

So, one week ago today, I attended a blogger event at Eyesite Opticians in Cottingham, near Hull in East Yorkshire. There was prosecco, cupcakes, canapés and some pretty neat giveaways (if you knew who to ask – Alastair!).

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