I made my own Big Mac!

I have a bit of a secret to tell you…

McDonald’s is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. Always has been – ever since you could get a Beanie Baby with your Happy Meal! So when I was invited to check out one of the new-look McDonald’s, well, as if I was going to say no.

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My Sunday Bake: Vanilla Choc-Chip Cupcakes

So, firstly, I actually made these last Sunday, but they turned out so well I had to share the recipe. Secondly, I made them more like the size of a fairy bun, as opposed to a big cupcake. More to share!

These were the fluffiest buns I made in a long time! Super light and super easy.

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My Favourite Festive Treats

Day 12 of Blogmas

The fat girl I used to be really comes out at Christmas time. There are so many treats! How do skinny people stay skinny at Christmas?! Please, I need to know. Because there is no way I’m avoiding the cheeses, the pies, the puds! Now I’m daydreaming about food, let’s chit chat about the best (well, my favourite) festive noms.

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Saving a life

Slightly misleading title…more like, if everyone learned this one little thing, you might know how to save a life, should you ever find yourself having to.

Allergies are so common nowadays. Think about all your family and friends, and I bet one of them has an allergy. Nuts, hay fever, penicillin. I once knew a girl who was allergic to yellow food colouring!

Most people with allergies carry EpiPens. These are adrenaline shots; so if you have an anaphylactic reaction, you or someone you’re with, has to essentially stab your leg with your EpiPen, and ring an ambulance ASAP.

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