Hull 2017: The Poppies

The latest art installation in Queen Victoria’s Square is now in place and it quickly became as popular on social media as the Blade was.

The Weeping Window Poppies will be in Hull city centre until May 14th, and if you’re in the area, you simply must go see them.

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York St Nicholas Fair: Christmas Markets

Day 2 of Blogmas

I visited York Christmas Markets on the first weekend they opened. I adore York at any time of the year. I love the history. I love the cafes. I love the little, winding streets. I love that the centre of York has more shops than you see on the high street in any town and city – boutiques galore! I love Christmas and I love York; I was obviously going to love my day out to the Christmas Markets.

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If I could go back in time


Have you ever had assignments at school, where they ask you to write a letter to your younger self? I’ve been asked to do this a couple of times. I could never really churn out an answer. If asked to write a letter to my 16 year old self, I’d put in generic rubbish like:

“Enjoy school while you can, because it’ll be over soon! Stay away from that boy, make friends with that person, and pick a better twitter username!”

Eugh. The dullness is real.

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